Understand the world like never before

Access unique insights with an understanding between offline and online.

A new type of business intelligence

Get unique and actionable insights into how your business operates.

More accurate revenue predictions and forecasts

Use location based analytics to predict footfall and sales trends quicker.

Reduced risk and smarter decisions

Use data that tells the whole story. Identify population and movement trends that make the big decisions simple.

Consumer insights your way

Detailed consumer insights that are unique. See how customers behave before during and after visiting real-world locations.

Financials and investment

Improve prediction and analytics with location intelligence.

Fraud detection

Use location as an extra layer of security. Add location intelligence to detect and prevent fraud.

Risk assessment

Use movement patterns to measure and understand risk ahead of time.


Use footfall and behavioural trends to predict performance and identify results before they are reported.

Smart city

Create smarter cities and products with location intelligence.

Traffic management

Understand wider trends around traffic and citizen movement.

Citizen services

Use real world data to inform the optimisation of essential services.

Urban planning

Allow location intelligence to help make the big decisions easier.

See the power of location

We provide custom solutions across a wide range of industries. See what else you can do with location.

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