The complete set of publisher tools to grow your app

Transform user experience, generate new revenue and manage user privacy and consent.

Add location intelligence to your app

Enable location intelligence in your app. Drive contextual experiences, provide location based-functions and provide support for geotagging, smart content and local search.

Take advantage of data monetisation

Start monetising with a non-intrusive, ad-free revenue model. Generate a new revenue stream for your mobile business that's fully compliant with both iOS and Android. Higher CPMs, protected user experience.

Understand user demographics

Gain detailed insights into your app audiences based on their real-world movement. Use insights to plan new features, drive engagement and increase the relevance of in-app ads.

Obtain and manage consent

Protect user privacy across devices, platforms and digital touch points with a single integration. Manage, activate and audit user preferences in one simple and powerful solution.

Trusted globally by over 500 publishers

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